Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms – An Introduction

Effexor Withdrawal SymptomsEffexor Withdrawal Symptoms – An Introduction

Effexor is really an antidepressant within a number of medications known as selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SSNRIs). Effexor is required to deal with significant depressive disorders, anxiety, as well as panic attacks. Effexor withdrawal symptoms are extremely intense and you ought to stop applying this particular substance only under appropriate professional medical guidance.

Impact of Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms

It may sound obvious, but you actually will be affected much more from Effexor withdrawal symptoms if you’ve been applying Effexor for an extended time in comparison to someone who hasn’t used it for an extended time. Nevertheless, Effexor withdrawal symptoms will be felt by anyone who has been on Effexor even for the shortest period of time. It is not important if you only had a little dosage or even a large dosage. Research has shown that Effexor withdrawal symptoms can be decreased if an individual quits the medicine slowly and gradually rather than all at once.

A few Effexor withdrawal symptoms are really so serious that it’s crucial that you ponder and decide if it is better to continue with the drug or discontinue. Some individuals might take a couple of weeks to conquer the particular withdrawal symptoms; however, many other individuals could take a very long time before they eliminate the withdrawal problems.

What are the withdrawal symptoms?anti-depressant withdrawal

Typical Effexor withdrawal symptoms include things like severe headaches, excessive fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, anxiousness, confusion as well as stomach pains. Also to mention are dry mouth, migraines, depression symptoms again, and what is known as “brain zaps”.

They were nicknamed “brain zaps” because they are the particular Effexor withdrawal symptoms which give you the feeling of getting electrocuted within your head whenever you flip your head. You are going to feel zapped from time to time should you abruptly move your head, however this could be handled if you take some omega 3 supplements.

Effexor withdrawal symptoms could end up being so extreme that your physician may possibly suggest a different kind of SSRI prescription medication to assist relieve your distress associated with the discontinuation. Regarding various other signs and symptoms, which can be handled using prescription drugs, you will also need to do this under your doctor’s guidance.

SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome

SSRI discontinuation syndrome is yet another expression used by the scientific community to explain the Effexor withdrawal symptoms. In my next blog I will focus my research on the withdrawal symptoms connected with SSRI discontinuation syndrome. This will hopefully provide more insight about the subject and also potential ways to deal with the withdrawal from Effexor.

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